The photos of Alfredo Li Pira
Tibetan buddhist monk in LhasaA view of Ilha Grande's northern side, on the way to the famous Lopes Mendes beachWaiting for the fish...The fountain "Le quatre parties du monde" in ParisArdvaek castle in the Scottish highlands at sunsetThe abbey of San Galgano in Tuscany, in the springModern architecture in London: even the Barbican can look pretty :-)Playing the accordeon in ParisI want to play too!A shoe shine in the old IstanbulThe roofs of the old "Tonnara" in Scopello, SicilyOlive tree in San Vito, SicilyThe reflection of trees in the water, in a canal in Leiden, in the NetherlandsA statue from the Piazza Pretoria fountain in PalermoA street seller in Palermo, ItalyThe dome of the Mosque of Ali, in IstanbulFollowing the little train...The dome of the Blue Mosque in IstanbulIn the Grand Bazaar in IstanbulPlaying and dancing in the parkOld MontrealThe Abbey of Sant'Antimo, in TuscanyA Parisian bridgeVersailles at sunsetFishermen mending the nets in San Vito (Sicily)The lions at the entrance of the Teatro Massimo, PalermoEmpty tables at a cafe in the Luxembourg gardensHomeless in a big cityGranada, a street in the Albaicin neighborhood, at sunsetHorses from the Fontaine des Quatre Parties du Monde in Paris

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